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Dear Texas Friends (And Many Other States),

WE sincerely hope that you are enjoying your Thanksgiving Weekend to it’s fullest with your loved ones. However the clock is ticking towards that December 15th deadline to sign up or change your health insurance for 2019. Click here to shop now!

Though we are located in Willow Grove, PA, we handle the whole state of Texas (and many others), where we work with hundreds of clients. The companies we represent for On and Off-Exchange Obamacare/Affordable Care Act-complaint Health Insurance include: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Molina, Ambetter, Oscar (Also Cigna, Anthem Blue, UPMC, Highmark, Capital, Independence Blue Cross, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Amerihealth, Horizon, and more)! We are referred by to consumers whenever they need to speak to an agent.

There exist misconceptions regarding the service of brokers, and with all the “nonsense insurance products” being pushed and service fees charged, this is rightfully so. Any true independent health insurance broker is paid by health insurance carriers to assist consumers. The price we quote you is the exact same as if you were to call the companies directly or We do not charge any fee whatsoever, because we build our business by truly helping consumers.  Carriers will sell to you, but they cannot give you personal help and attention (or shop their competition). We are paid every month when happy clients pay their bill, so it is in our best interest to make sure you find coverage that is right for you and your family. We are paid for clients when our National Producer Numbers (PNP) are entered in the “is someone assisting you field” of the application. (Joseph Covell’s NPN is 16623825)

To shop On and Off-Exchange ( with the carriers mentioned above, check out our private exchange: Click here to quote!

For Obamacare alternatives, we find the best true alternative is Short Term Medical. In the past, these plans were subject to the individual mandate (tax/fine) for not having Obamacare/Affordable Care Act-complaint coverage. Even with the fine, short term coverage still served as a a great alternative, so much so that the Obama administration decided to mandate that no Short Term Medical policy could exceed 90 days in length. This became a very messy alternative in that someone would need to either keep enrolling every 90 days or buy multiple 90 day policies at once (called 3×3 or 4×3) in order to cover themselves for the entire year. Short Term Medical Plans have basic underwriting questions (If you can answer “no” to all questions you will get the policy which can start the next day). In order to get another policy when the first one ends, you need to answer the questions again, so you can see how risky it could be when you can only buy a maximum of 90 days. The Trump Administration removed the 90 day maximum in October of 2018, however it is a state decision whether or not to comply. We only work with two reputable companies for this type of coverage: United Healthcare (uses United Healthcare Choice Plus PPO Network) and National General (Purchased Assurant, uses the Aetna Open Access PPO Network). Short Term Medical can best be compared to old Major Medical plans. You choose the deductible and coinsurance, typically pay for all services (the network will negotiate the price down on average 50%) and then the policy will pay up a lifetime maximum on average of $1,000,000. These are not a fit for everyone – pre-existing conditions are not covered – so we encourage calling us first to discuss your situation and that of your family.

Fixed Benefit, Limited Medical, Mini Med are all common terms for an Indemnity plan.  The most popular Indemnity plan on the market is Aflac. These plans pay out a scheduled amount per listed medical service. These plans often do not expire but have a lifetime maximum similar to Short Term Medical. Indemnity plans are not an alternative to Obamacare on their own, instead, they compliment other insurance products. Joe Covell personally has a United Healthcare “Health Protector Guard” in addition to his high-deductible Obamacare policy. This pays a set amount for services that come at a high copay on the Obamacare policy. We find that, depending on the situation, an Indemnity plan from:United Healthcare, National General, or Aflac can work well with a high deductible Bronze/Silver Obamacare plan, or a high deductible Short Term Medical plan. Trio-Med is a great low cost option to consider! The Indemnity plan reimburses you for routine services and the high deductible Obamacare or Short Term Medical give you “catastrophic” coverage to protect your income and assets from expensive medical interventions. Don’t go about this alone! Give us a call, text, email, or message us on social media to work through your unique situation. Stop signing up for garbage on the internet or being taken advantage of by dishonest sales people. We are licensed brokers who only sell real insurance and realistic alternatives.

We say it again because we can’t even believe some of the garbage people are being offered, and the shady practices of the sales people on the other end.  We’re constantly taking people off of garbage plans and putting them back on real insurance. If what someone is selling sounds too good to be true, it is!

A popular association we’ve used as an Obamacare-alternative is Aliera Healthcare, which is a “Christian Ministry”. We like Aliera because they are the most reputable, personable and  understanding of alternative options. To view their plans click here!  Aliera is great for someone who can not afford the Obamacare, or missed the open enrollment period and does not have a special-election/life event to purchase Obamacare-complaint insurance for the year (open enrollment is Nov 1 – Dec 15). Aliera will accept those with pre-existing conditions but there are restrictions, and because of that we recommend health issues are discussed with Aliera before purchasing, so consumers understand what they are purchasing.

We also offer association options through a New York based union/association available to anyone in the entire US who is actively employed and can pass their health underwriting.  These plans cost: $549 ($1,356 family) with a $6,795 deductible HSA, $660 ($1,644 family) with a $2,500 deductible, and $1,085 ($2,771 family) with a $0 deductible. The union/association requires that interested clients contact us directly and we can e-mail or send via post an enrollment kit complete with plans and pricing and application.

We also work with group insurance , as well as dentalvision,accidentlifedisability, fixed annuities, Medicare supplements,Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Plans home, auto, and business insurance. We can handle any situation you can throw at us.

Visit our website, contact us on social media, send us a text, an email, or call us anytime. Joe Covell and Robyn Barto work every hour of every day up until the December 15th deadline (Mon-Fri regular business hours after that). We also have a store front in Willow Grove, PA.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, we are here to help make this process easy!

Best wishes,

Joseph L Covell
Robyn Barto

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