Hey Look Joe Covell’s On The TV (CustomBenefitPlans Ad)!

Hey Look Joe Covell’s On The TV (CustomBenefitPlans Ad)!

Not sure if anyone caught Joe Covell‘s mug at the tail end of the commercial we have running on 6abc Action News, 102.9 WMGK, and a few other places, but here is the ad in full. Sal DiNardo, Joe DiNardo, Antonio DiNardo, Antonio DiNardo, Joe Covell, Robyn Barto, and the rest of the Custom Benefit Plans Inc. team are happy we pulled this off for the last few days of the #medicareadvantage #openenrollment

REMINDER!! That’s tomorrow at Midnight (Dec. 7).Message me, text or call 267-374-0975, or e-mail me if you want to go over options for your Medicare Coverage, or have a loved one in need of help! NEVER a fee for my service!

Of course we still do Obamacare/ACA … #pennie#getcoverednj#marylandhealthconnection and still #healthcare.gov in most other states…. and all forms of company plans as well… we do everything insurance related, period!


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