Open Enrollment Ends At Midnight

MIDNIGHT IS THE DEADLINE TO ENROLL in  REAL HEALTH INSURANCE!!! These are the plans that cover pre-existing conditions! Call Us at 267-374-0975 to help, there is no fee for our service. The companies pay us year round to help you! Our Certified by

How 2020 MACRA Impacts Your Medigap Plan!

Recently we’ve been receiving many questions in regard to the upcoming 2020 MACRA (Medicare Access and Chip Re-Authorization Act) changes. We wanted to take the opportunity to help clear up any confusion around the changes taking effect January 1, 2020. Here are...
Our Fall Tour Promotional Video

Our Fall Tour Promotional Video

Before we started off our #FallTour for open enrollment 2020 this past weekend, we made this fun little video to promote it. Hope you all enjoy and look for us at a community event near you! YouTube link:
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