Open Enrollment 2024: Get Ready for Health Insurance Season!

Open Enrollment 2024: Get Ready for Health Insurance Season!

Open Enrollment 2024: Get Ready for Health Insurance Season!

It’s that time of year! Here’s our annual Open Enrollment newsletter, packed with updates, instructions, and suggestions to help you navigate the upcoming open enrollment period. We’re here to support you every step of the way, with no charges (we are compensated by the carriers).

November 1st marks the start of open enrollment for individual and family health insurance plans. Enroll by December 15th for seamless coverage starting January 1st, 2024. If you’re satisfied with your current plan, passive rollover into the same or similar plan is usually applicable. However, make sure to review notices from your insurance carrier and the Health Insurance Marketplace or State-Based Exchange (e.g., Pennie, GetCoveredNJ). Submit any requested documents promptly to avoid potential disruptions in coverage.

Discover our AI-powered resource page for 2024, providing round-the-clock support and answers to frequently asked questions. Trust us to expertly navigate this process with you.

Access the new AI-powered resource page here.

If you have updates to your application, we can assist you in making any necessary changes and rerouting to all available plans and prices. If you wish to switch carriers, plans, or adjust the price point, now is the opportune moment. To explore all your 2024 options for Pennie, GetCoveredNJ, Healthcare.gov, Maryland Health Connection, and the new addition for 2024, Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace, without logging into your account, please use the button below.

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If you have Medicare, our Medicare page is packed with valuable information and user-friendly tools for getting quotes. Rest assured, we won’t bother you with calls unless you ask us to. Check it out here: https://doitformeinsurance.com/medicare

For those seeking Individual and Family Health Insurance, we have our seamless shopping and renewing experience to assist with Pennie, GetCoveredNJ, MarylandHealthConnection, or Healthcare.gov.

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If choose not to use the Health Insurance Marketplace(s) and enroll directly with the carrier, your existing plan will automatically continue into 2024 (unless instructed otherwise), provided you are current with your payments. However, if you’re considering exploring alternative options, we’re just a call, text, or email away!

Our team is here to assist you. Schedule a phone consultation through our Calendly link, where you can select a convenient time to discuss your Health Insurance choices for 2024.

In recent years, key legislations has passed which has directly impacted enrollment and eligaiblity in the various insurance marketplaces. At the moment these provisions are still in place, although their future is still in question. Some key legislation includes:

  • The Affordable Care Act’s “Family Glitch” was addressed in a White House Press Release from October 11, 2022. Click here to read! 
  • The Inflation Reduction Act’s impact on Affordable Care Act-compliant Individual and Family Plans, along with Medicare Plan Options. White House Press Release.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents are now in the 4th Open Enrollment season with state-based health insurance marketplaces, Pennie and GetCoveredNJ. Renewal info has been updated and is accessible for most accounts, with a few exceptions. Our team provides comprehensive assistance, guiding you through changes and exploring alternatives. Our services are free, and we accommodate your preferences. Let us support you hands-on (with permission) or offer valuable direction and advice.

Pennsylvania, particularly the five counties of Philadelphia (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia), is undergoing significant carrier additions for 2024. Highmark Blue Shield has decided to complete its service area in Pennsylvania by including the five counties of Philadelphia, the only counties they were missing. Some years ago, Jefferson Health acquired the Einstein Health System, which brought along the insurance carrier Health Partners. Jefferson has chosen to rebrand Health Partners as Jefferson Health Plans, expanding its reach into the under 65 market alongside existing Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP plans. Ambetter has also introduced new plans in an effort to gain membership in the Pennsylvania market where they have struggled. Both Jefferson Health and Ambetter have undercut Independence Blue Cross in their price filings, but it’s important to note that IBX’s network and overall value cannot be matched. Highmark offers attractive plan options, especially in the Gold category, for those seeking PPO options.

Pennie Open Enrollment is November 1st to January 15th!

New Jersey is thrilled to announce the return of United Healthcare Insurance Marketplace Plan offerings, now available through GetCoveredNJ! The renowned Oxford brand of United Healthcare has expanded its reach statewide, bringing comprehensive plans to NJ residents. While UHC has offered select off-exchange options in recent years, they were challenging to obtain and lacked competitiveness. Now, we’re excited to have this national brand back in full force in NJ for 2024!

GetCoveredNJ’s Open Enrollment is November 1st to January 31st

Ambetter has expanded to include Delaware in 2024, making it the only national brand to cover all three states in the Tristate region. While Ambetter is not yet statewide in PA and NJ, it will now be available in all three counties of Delaware.

Delaware uses the Health Insurance Marketplace, i.e., Healthcare.gov, with Open Enrollment from November 1st to January 15th.

Starting in 2024, Maryland residents will have the opportunity to choose from a new carrier. Aetna, a renowned national brand, has now extended its service area to Maryland, providing plans on and off the Maryland Health Connection state-based insurance marketplace/exchange. This expansion brings more options and accessibility for individuals seeking health insurance coverage in the state.

Maryland Health Connection’s Open Enrollment is November 1st to January 15th!

Virginia has made the decision to separate itself from the federally facilitated marketplace, Healthcare.gov. Instead, they have established their own state-based marketplace known as Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace. Like Pennie, GetcoveredNJ, and a few other states, Virginia has partnered with GetInsured’s platform, resulting in a near-identical appearance and functionality.

Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace’s Open Enrollment is November 1st to January 15th!

Georgia also planning to separate from Healthcare.gov, although their rollout has been a bit confusing. According to the official website, Georgia will function as a State-based Exchange on the Federal Platform (SBE-FP) for Open Enrollment (OE) 2024. The exchange will be known as Georgia Access and is expected to be fully operational by 2025. For more information click here

In 2024, HealthSherpa remains dedicated to providing a seamless quoting and enrollment experience for consumers on our platform. As a longstanding partner, we are proud to continue our services to Georgia residents, as well as the various Healthcare.gov states where we offer plans for shopping, enrollment, and renewal. While some carriers are expanding their nationwide coverage, others are scaling back or exiting certain markets. Rest assured, our link will always provide up-to-date options for 2024. Experience the convenience and peace of mind with our HealthSherpa site!

Georgia and Healthcare.gov’s Open Enrollment is November 1st to January 15th. 

If you are not one of our clients already, here is a video explaining how you can work with us!

Do It For Me Insurance offers Life Insurance options from multiple companies, including Ethos. Ethos is a game changer, providing a fast quoting and application process without nurse visits. As you complete the application, Ethos determines the right life products for you. Ethos offers exclusive products with top-rated companies like Banner Life and Ameritas. Almost anyone can qualify for Ethos’ products. While Ethos may not be the least expensive option, we always work with top Life Insurance Companies Nationwide and highly recommend the traditional process. However, if you want a fast and easy process without a medical examination, Ethos may be a perfect fit, providing options and approximate prices.

If you’re in good health and prefer to avoid paying for ACA-mandated benefits that may not be relevant to you, there are alternative options to explore. In our view, Short Term Medical Plans have proven to be the most viable alternative to the ACA. It’s important to note that, currently, the maximum duration for a Short Term Medical Plan in PA is approximately 12 months (360 Days). There has been ongoing discussion in 2023 regarding a potential executive order that could impose limitations on short term medical and indemnity plans, such as Aflac. We will ensure that you’re kept informed as further developments arise.  Click here to quote and enroll!

Short Term Medical Plans require individuals to truthfully answer medical questions. Failure to do so can result in claim denials when an incident is tied to a pre-existing condition. While this system is not perfect, it can provide protection for income and assets against catastrophic medical bills. It offers high lifetime maximum coverage (not ACA compliant) of $1 and $2 Million Dollars. It is important to note that Short Term Medical Plans do not provide the same level of iron-clad stop-loss protection as ACA compliant plans, but they do offer a level of coverage that is better than going uninsured.

For further protection it can be paired with UHC’s Health Protector Guard for a more comprehensive package! Quote UHC Options Now (I recommend a higher deductible Short Term with a Health Protector Guard option that fits your budget).

There is nothing better than the security of an Affordable Care Act Compliant Plan, in spite of limited networks at the lower price points and benefits that vary from area to area. ACA-compliant plans are required to have yearly out of pocket maxes and cover pre-existing conditions for stated benefits.

If you have not in the past qualified for financial assistance through the Federal Subsidy/APTC program (due to having a high modified adjusted gross income), you might want to take another look, as subsidies will remain higher than usual for 2024 and the perceivable future — for example, we have assisted many clients in their 60’s with modified adjusted gross incomes exceeding $200,000, and found them eligible for hundreds of dollars per month in federal subsidy dollars/ applied tax credit (APTC).

Please be careful of the junk “health plans” being sold by mass-telemarketers, completely disguised as health insurance. Read the fine print. “Health Plans” are not, by definition health insurance and will not catch you if you fall.  You best protect your income and assets with health insurance that includes a federally-mandated STOP LOSS.  Be cautious of organizations out there that use terms like Private Insurance and Private Exchanges – you see and hear from them on social media applications, online community groups, community events, and all those calls and e-mails from forms you may have filled out online.

Aside from the alternatives above, we still have health insurance available through a few local and national associations, so for those not eligible for the subsidy and in good health may have more un-traditional options!

During this busy time, we will make every effort to quickly return your call if you leave a voicemail.  Feel free to text or email to schedule a call!  [email protected] or text 267-374-0975.

DoitForMeInsurance and Joe Covell also handles your Dental, Vision, Life, Home, Auto, Group Health, and Business Insurance Needs! Shop everything on our website!

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There are 76 days for most states (beginning Nov 1) to find a 2023 health insurance plan for you and your family! If you still need 2022 coverage you may be able to get it with a Qualified Life Event. Short-term options are available and can begin as soon as tomorrow. Click Here for affordable short-term plans.

Contact us to explore all your insurance options, or to book your November phone appointment. Enrollments can be done over the phone, e-mail, text, or if you prefer to complete an application and enroll on your own, you can select “Jospeh Covell” (National Producer Number 16623825) as your broker on Pennie.com, Getcovered.nj.gov, MarylandHealthConnection.gov, or by entering his National Producer Number on Healthcare.gov, so we can assist you year-round. Office appointments are available upon request.  Our Willow Grove, PA office is COVID-19 complaint with all CDC safety precautions. We are a certified Independence Blue Cross #SafeEnrollmentSpace for both over and under-65 communities!  Please email [email protected] or call/text 267-374-0975. If we don’t answer, please text or voice message your name and contact information. You are important to us.

We Handle All Forms of Insurance (Home and Auto only PA, NJ, and MD). Visit our brand-new site for state-of-the-art quoting tools, our blog of past newsletters, and much more information!

Independence Blue Cross (Philadelphia, PA Region) recommends an accident, critical illness, or hospital plan to expand your coverage. These are plans that PAY YOU directly (or the provider) when unforeseen events occur, similar to Aflac (we offer them too) but endorsed by Independence Blue Cross. For example, it would help with lost wages while out of work.  These plans are offered through Lifesecure and are available in most states. Click our easy to use link for more details and pricing

We are certified for: Pennie.com (PA), GetCoveredNJ (NJ), Maryland Health Connection (MD), Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace (VA), and many Healthcare.gov states. If you currently have an account and want to designate us as your broker (if we aren’t already tied to you), here is how you can do so, at no cost to you what so ever!

We are not in Financial Planners in the sense that we do not advise, recommend, or sell anything that requires a securities license. We do however work with Indexed and Other Fixed annuity, life, disability, and long term care products. Simply put we don’t work with products that are tied to the market. Since the pandemic we have many clients asking us for life insurance options as well as fixed annuity products that do not lose money when the market underperforms. We work with a team whose vast years of experience allows them to specialize in our clients unique needs.

We are a one-stop-shop for all insurance.  If you would be interested in a no-obligation-to-buy and completely fee-free consultation via phone, zoom, or in-person, feel free to contact us anytime, all of our contact info is at the very bottom! E-mail [email protected] for promptest response.

Joe and Robyn are sincerely grateful for your continued support of our small business.

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