The American Rescue Plan Act: How It Impacts Your Plan and Price!

The American Rescue Plan Act: How It Impacts Your Plan and Price!

The American Rescue Plan Act: How It Impacts Your Plan and Price!

President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) into law on March 11, 2021. Increased premium tax credits may lower your monthly premiums as some eligibility thresholds expanded!

For those who have not qualified for subsidy, click here to see if you qualify under the ARP! 

If you currently have a subsidized plan through Pennie.com or GetCoveredNJ, you may be eligible for even more savings. Pennie and GetCoveredNJ are said to automatically apply new credits in the next few months. The additional savings should apply retroactive to January 1st, when you file 2021 taxes. 

If you are in a State that uses Healthcare.gov, you must update to see new savings apply to your price. If you do not update you will receive the savings when you file your 2021 taxes. We can help you update! 

If you are eligible or become eligible for unemployment in 2021, you may qualify for even more savings (possibly a $0 plan), contact us for more details.

We are STILL here for ALL your insurance needs!

Please email Joe at:  [email protected] with a phone number and good time. We encourage you to text Joe at 267-374-0975 or Robyn at 610-757-7809.  Eliminate phone tag: text!

More On The American Rescue Plan

Now through August 15, 2021 (end of 2021 in NJ) PA consumers are eligible to sign up for and change health insurance coverage without a “qualifying life event”. This August date was extended from May 15th, and may be extended again, as things are rapidly changing.

If you overestimated your 2020 income, unlike in prior years you may not have to repay when completing your 2020 taxes. If you have already completed your 2020 taxes, consult a tax expert for how to reconcile.

We are certified for: Pennie.com (PA), GetCoveredNJ (NJ), Maryland Health Connection (MD), and many Healthcare.gov states. If you currently have an account and want to designate us as your broker (if we aren’t already tied to you), here is how you can do so, at no cost to you what so ever!





Independence Blue Cross (Philadelphia, PA Region) recommends an accident, critical illness, or hospital plan to expand your coverage. These are plans that PAY YOU directly (or the provider) when unforeseen events occur, similar to Aflac (we offer them too) but endorsed by Independence Blue Cross. For example, it would help with lost wages while out of work.  These plans are offered through Lifesecure and are available in most states. Click our easy to use link for more details and pricing

Warning:  This is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE, it is an indemnity plan meant to fill gaps that currently exist within health insurance.

If you are healthy and tired of paying for stacked-by-the-Affordable-Care-Act plans that include services you never use, we are here to help you decide if a less-expensive option serves your needs.

Be careful of the “health plans” being sold by mass-telemarketers, incorrectly described as health insurance. “Health Plans” are NOT INSURANCE and will not catch you if you fall.  Some of them are straight-up junk and will never pay a claim.  Protect your income and assets with insurance which includes a STOP LOSS.

The maximum length of Short Term Medical in many states is 12 months (many can renew for up to 3 years!). Click here to quote and enroll!

Short Term Medical requires that you answer medical questions, but this is the only “Obamacare alternative” that protects your income and assets with an out of pocket maximum or “stop loss”. Pair it with UHC’s Health Protector Guard for a more comprehensive plan! Quote UHC Options Now (We recommend a higher deductible Short Term with a Health Protector Guard option that fits your budget).

Under President Obama short term plans were mandated to 3 months, and the restriction was lifted by President Trump. Now is the time to lock in a long-duration short term medical plan, as new legislation may restrict the duration back to 3 months. For states that allow for longer durations, this is offering a plan for the next 1-3 years, providing peace of mind as things change from month to month, year to year.

Joe and Robyn have health insurance available through a few local and national associations for those not eligible for the subsidy and in good health! 

Our office at 616 Easton Road, Willow Grove PA (Dallas Road is cross-street).

Oscar Health is an innovative carrier with a great phone app and transparent approach to helping you understand and feel secure with health insurance. Their network continues to expand. Oscar invites you to nominate your provider to join! Check out their On and Off-Exchange options here:

Oscar Health has a network that is still growing so you want to check providers, but they offer an advantage…their plans are EPOs. With an EPO there is no need for referrals and a Primary Care Physician is not required. 

Attention PA Customers: as of 3/1/2020 Ambetter Health has now added Abington, Jefferson, and Aria Health Systems to their growing network! We have worked with Ambetter in many states throughout the years, and their customer service is unparalleled! Consumers like and keep their plans. Before you enroll, let us help you make sure YOUR DOCTORS are in their network!

Looking For Life Insurance?

The era of Covid-19 has seen a drastic increase in the purchase of Life Insurance WORLDWIDE! The motivating factor for purchasing Life Insurance during this time is to secure coverage for the unknown. It is affordable and easy to buy Life Insurance when you are in good health, rather than waiting for when it’s too late. If you have friends or family members who are under 40, this is the ideal time to lock in a great price for years to come. We make shopping life insurance easy, with our self-servicing quote tool.  We’re here for all your questions, or if you are ready to buy we can easily help you apply… NO FEE FOR SERVICE!

If you or someone you know needs a Medicare Advantage or Part D Prescription Drug Plan click here! 

New to Medicare? Check out this great Medicare Basics YouTube video Joe Covell made!

In most states it is very hard to compete with the value of the local blue cross, and in most states we have access to the local blue!

We missed connecting with the community this year at fall festivals, however we just happen to be extremely adept at virtual sales and enrollment, so we got you covered and will keep you safe.

Ambetter, Oscar, Bright Health, Cigna, Anthem Blue, and Molina are continuing to expand nationwide and are offering very competitive options in existing and new markets. We assist consumers in many different states, so feel free to reach out to us and shop all our offerings right on our website. 

Joe Covell and Robyn Barto will make every effort to return your call within 24 hours! Joe checks his e-mail around the clock, and you may get a quicker response if you email him at:
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DoitForMeInsurance and Joe Covell also handles your Dental, Vision, Life, Home, Auto, Group Health, and Business Insurance Needs! Shop everything on our website! 

Click Here for a FREE No-Obligation Home/Auto Quote!

Contact Joe Covell or Robyn Barto today to explore all your insurance options, or to book your phone/zoom appointment. Enrollments can be done over the phone, e-mail, text, or if you prefer to do on your own, you can say “Yes” to the question “Did someone help you with this application?” and report “Agent” “Joseph Covell”, with required identifier:  “National Producer Number (NPN) 16623825”, as your agent on Healthcare.gov, or call Healthcare.gov and ask that they add Joe as your agent, so we can assist you year-round. Office appointments are available upon request, but will be limited due to regulations.  Our office is COVID-19 complaint with all CDC safety precautions. We are a certified #SafeEnrollmentSpace for both the Over and Under-65 communities!  Please email [email protected] or call/text 267-374-0975. If we don’t answer, please text or voice message your name and contact information. 
You are important to us. 

Joe and Robyn are sincerely grateful for your continued support of our small business. 
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